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Welcome to the Island Trunk System Web Site.

This is your gateway to an exclusive look at the inner workings of an Amateur Radio repeater trunk system.

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New temporary ITS net

The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association is hosting a temporary COVID-19 net on the island truck system every thursday night at 7:00 pm.
The format of this net will be similar in nature to the Monday night ITS net
This net is a temporary net, to share information and activities that us hams are doing during this time social distancing.
We hope that this net assists all those in the amateur radio community, and their families, at this difficult time.
Should you have any questions please contact Randy VE7FAA, NARA President, at

BC Boaters Net

The BC Boaters Net is currently on hold for 2020 and won't be operating
until further notice. It is possible that it may be able to take place
in July and August, but that is not yet confirmed.

For more information go to

Monday Night Island Trunk System Net

There is a weekly a net on the ITS every Monday evening at 8 PM. Everyone is more than welcome to participate in this social net.

Using The ITS For Events or Nets

Please contact the ITS group prior to using the system for any event, net or simulated emergency test.

Newcastle Ridge web cam

There is a web cam on top of Newcastle Ridge that is linked on 5.8 Ghz broadband back to Lost Lake Nanaimo and Comox. The distance between Newcastle Ridge (Sayward) and Nanaimo is 206 Km. A good shot on 5.8 Gigs.

This is a highly experimental project and may not be available at all times

Thanks to Gord VE7UY


Commercial Messages or Traffic

Be advised that commercial traffic is not allowed on the amateur bands.

New ITS Repeater in Tofino

A new VHF repeater has been installed in Tofino and connected to the Island Trunk System. The 146.880 repeater requires a 141.3 pl tone and will be continuously connected to the ITS.

Some pictures of the repeater

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) Weekly Net

A Vancouver Island Region Emergency Radio Net will be held on the Island Trunk system at 19:15 each Wednesday evening.

Operating on the ITS

Some tips and suggestions when using the Island Trunk System.

ITS Advisory Group

At the latest meeting of the ITS, an advisory group was established.

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