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User Operation

Many hams have put a lot of time, effort and funds into maintaining this system and are proud of it. They would really appreciate it if it was used according to the regulations and in a respectful way during night time hours and low solar charging seasons. 90% of it is fully off grid and relies on batteries and solar power.

Ways you can help respect the system:

Please identify your station property as per regulations:

The operator of an amateur station in Canada shall identify the station by transmitting the assigned call sign.

The operator of an amateur station in Canada who is licensed by the Government of the United States shall identify the station:

by transmitting the call sign assigned to the licensee’s station by the Federal Communications Commission;
if transmitting:
by radiotelephony, by adding the word “mobile” or “portable,” or
by radiotelegraphy, by adding an oblique character (“/”); and
by adding the Canadian amateur call sign prefix set out in Column I of an item of Schedule V for the geographical location of the station set out in Column II of that item.

The operator of any amateur station shall transmit the applicable identification, in English or French, at the beginning and end of each period of exchange of communication or test transmission, and at intervals of no more than 30 minutes throughout the period of exchange of communication.

During Low Solar Charging times:

Please keep conversations to a minimum when operating during these times to help maintain good battery conditions and voltages at each site.

Thank you


ITS Committee