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Welcome to the Island Trunk System Web Site.

This is your gateway to an exclusive look at the inner workings of an Amateur Radio repeater trunk system.

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Our Mission

To provide a network of open Amateur radio repeaters, for general and emergency communications use, throughout Vancouver Island, surrounding waters and parts of the lower mainland in British Columbia Canada. 

Group Profile

We are a group of Amateur Radio operators and or Amateur Radio Clubs, Associations and Societies. We have users from all walks of life.

System Usage

Users of the ITS please be aware that the system is solar powered and use is not unlimited.

We encourage the use of this system both casual and organized. There are a number of organized nets using the system and we encourage participation. If you would like to use this system for an organized group net, please contact our information people for permission and guidelines. Please contact the ITS group prior to using the system for any event or simulated emergency test. (See Contact Information below)

Donation Information:

The Island Trunk System is supported by the clubs who own and maintain the repeaters and related equipment on the trunk and individuals who use the system. The Island Trunk System would like to thank the clubs and individuals for their support without which the Island Trunk System would not exist.

Emergency Communications:

Because of the large coverage area of the ITS, we occasionally have the opportunity to provide emergency communications during an incident. Please be aware of the potential for an emergency and follow normal emergency communication operating procedures. An emergency is defined as imminent danger to a person or persons or their property.

Island Trunk Nets:

Everyday 08:15 local time CVARS Morning Net
Monday's 20:00 Local time Monday Night Island Trunk Net
Wednesday's 19:15 local time EMBC VE7PEP Net

Contact Information

If you require any information on the system please contact: us at and we would be pleased to answer any questions.


ITS Web Page mail contact:

North Island Amateur Radio Society

c/o Ron Boney VE7WBR

2245 Neptune Way Comox, B.C.

V9M 4E8


Webmaster:Walter VA7ANI(SK)